Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The end of an era...

From the time Luke and I were engaged in 2006, we always knew that we would be spending our newlywed years up at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC, and that we may even start our family here if God were to bless us in that way. It's hard to believe that these years are drawing to a close. We have had an absolutely wonderful experience here, studying, learning, and preparing for the ministries to which God has called us and will call us in the future. We have also made and deepened many friendships which will last a lifetime...we have been newlyweds together, had babies together, laughed together, cried together, played games together, prayed together, served together, ministered together, and dreamed about the future together. Luke graduated yesterday with his Masters of Divinity and Anna Kate and I could not have been more proud of him. It was a wonderful ceremony which honored the graduates, but was truly Christ-exalting.

We are so proud of Luke and his hard work over these past three years and know that God is going to do great things in and through him in the future. Here are some pictures of his big day!

The faculty is up on stage and the graduates are down on the right. Luke is actually on the end of his row in the second row from the back (you can see him if you look closely!)

He made it!

Happy family!

And with the diploma!

Luke was pretty proud of how his tie matched his hood and tassel...

Luke's whole family (except JD) came up to see him graduate. JD has already started classes for his masters program at Clemson University. We went to see him graduate from Wofford last weekend!

Some of our closest friends are Scott and Kelly Parkison. Scott was our college pastor (and Luke was his intern!) back in Greenville and then they moved up to Wake Forest at the same time we did to pastor our church up here! Scott came to see Luke receive his diploma...Kelly was taking care of their two little boys!

Last night we had 15 adults and 6 children under 3 over to our little townhouse for a graduation party! Here are some pictures of our evening.

Just a couple pics of the group

Levi being silly!

Enjoying the food!

The cake that I baked and decorated...the SEBTS seal is in the center =)


  1. Congrats Lukey!!! We couldn't be more proud. We sure wish we could have been there. And you look good in your cap and gown, but Anna Kate is cuter!

  2. Luke, Dad and I are so very proud of you. You worked hard and now are being rewarded for your faithfulness and diligence. We are also so proud of how you are taking care of and providing for our Patty and Anna Kate! We are so excited to be able to see your new home and your new place of ministry! What a blessing that will be for us. See you soon!

    Mom and Dad Burgin

  3. Luke we are so proud of you in the Parkison home. And we are so thankful for our friendship! You, Patty, and Anna Kate are very dear to day we will serve together...I know it!

    :) Until then, it will be nice to know we beat you in spades last!!! Unless you want to play some more before you leave..hint hint