Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sunny Days!

We have been enjoying some very welcome spring weather this past week! It has been beautiful and sunny and in the mid-70's in the afternoons! How could you not take advantage of that by going to the park?

Anna Kate has been getting increasingly more daring every time we go play on the playground. She loves to dig her fingers and toes around in the sand, climb up on the steps, and slide down the slide. Her new favorite things is to slide down the slide head first without any help! I still like to keep my hands there just in case, but she has no fear! Here is a video Daddy shot the other day so you can see for yourself.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Daddy's little Valentine

Anna Kate LOVES her Daddy. Every morning when he leaves for work, she starts saying "Da-da bye-bye...ooohh" with a little sad face, and she continues to say it periodically throughout the day! Every time she gets her hands on a phone, it goes straight up to her ear and she starts to "call" her Da-da. And I can't even describe to you her excitement when she sees his bright yellow car start coming up our street at the end of the day! Daddy got his little Valentine some flowers yesterday and she loved them! He tried to show her how to smell them, but she really just wanted to lick them...she sure thought they were pretty though! Here is a picture of Daddy with his little girl.

And Anna Kate, get used to Daddy being your Valentine...he's the only one you're going to have for MANY MANY years!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Final birthday post!

Although we did most of our celebrating at Anna Kate's party on Saturday, we still wanted to make her actual birthday (yesterday) special for her, so we had a few more fun things planned. First, she got to go on a shopping spree with mommy! She picked out two cute dresses, a cardigan that matches both, and a pair of white leggings to go underneath them since it's still so cold!

One of the ladies in our church made Anna Kate a special (and very yummy) pound cake for her birthday, decorated with a princess tiara and wand!

Anna Kate thought she was pretty special wearing that tiara - all day long! She really kept it on her head and loved waving the wand around! She wore it while she ate lunch...

She wore it while we played in the living room...

She wore it before we rocked to sleep...

Daddy came home about 30 minutes early from work so that he could have time to go to the park with us before dinner while it was still nice and sunny out (albeit a little cold!). We meant to take pictures, but forgot...oh well! Anna Kate wore her tiara to the park too!

When we got home we opened a few more presents from my family (she opened presents with Luke's family when they were here on Saturday for her party), and from us! (Note: the clothes on the back of the couch are the ones she picked out that morning)

Here's her gift from Mommy and Daddy! Not sure she'll really be using it any time soon, but she sure likes to sit on it!

After dinner she got to eat some more cake and then she was off to bed a little early because she'd had such an exhausting's hard being one!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

1 year old today!

Happy birthday, sweet Anna Kate! Can it really have been a whole year since the doctor handed you to your daddy and me and said, "It's a girl! And she's a big one!"? I will never forget those first few moments after 5:02pm on February 8, 2010. Our lives were forever changed and we are so grateful for the blessing that you are to us. While we know that it is our responsibility to raise you and teach you, you have actually taught us so much this past year. You have taught us about love and trust and dependence and discipline and sacrifice and what an incredible thing it is for God to call us his children.
I know that memories sometimes have a way of fading with time, so that is why I have been so careful to keep these records of your first year of life. I don't ever want to forget these precious moments! Here is what I want to remember about your 12th month:

~You are just on the verge of walking! A couple of weeks ago you started lunging forward one step, and then just this past week you have started to do a few more steps at a time. I think your record is 6! Now, crawling is still your preferred mode of transportation (well, that or be carried), but I don't think it will be long!
~You have really started talking a lot more this month. Here are the words you say a lot: Mama, Dada, Ball, Nana (banana), Do (Dog), Ni-ni (night-night), No no, Bapa (diaper), Duh (duck), Bye bye, Hi, Ama (Amen)
~You are starting to learn manners at the table. You have learned to sign the words "please" (rub your chest with your hand) and "all done" (wave both hands). You are even starting to do them without prompting
~Speaking of the table, you love to pray before we eat and before you go to sleep. When we say it's time to pray, you promptly fold your little hands. You also say amen at the end of the prayer (or before the end if you think it's going too long...)
~You know two of your animal sounds: oof oof oof (dog) and baaaaaaa (sheep).
~Speaking of dogs, you have quite the fascination with them. I'm not sure where this came from, since we don't have one, but every time you see a dog (either in person, or even just a picture of one) you go absolutely nuts saying "Do do do do, oof oof oof oof!". You also still think that all animals are dogs...we're working on it!
~One of Mommy and Daddy's favorite developments this month is that you are finally sleeping from 7:30pm to somewhere between 6-7am. I know some might think this is an early wake-up call, but it's much better than you calling for Mama at 3am!
~You are still an extremely loving little girl and love to give hugs and kisses to anyone who will let you. You also blow kisses whenever you tell people bye-bye!
~You are starting to learn some of the parts of your body. You know your ears, toes, and belly button!
~You know the answer to your first catechism question: "Who made Anna Kate?" Well, maybe you don't really say the answer, but you point to the sky when we say, "God made Anna Kate!"
~When we ask you what your favorite snack is, you are quick to respond, "Nana!" You LOVE bananas and I think would live off them alone if I would let you.
~You have started to play pretend, especially with your tea set from Uncle Stephen and Aunt Rachael and Leah. You take pretend sips out of the cups and say, "Mmmmmm!"
~You love music and always dance (bob up and down) whenever you hear it.
~You are quite a girly girl when it comes to getting dirty. You don't like to have your hands or face dirty at all, whether it's dirt or grass from being outside, or food at the table, you like to be clean!
~Speaking of being girly, you love to brush your own hair. Sometimes you use the wrong side of the brush, but you're trying!
~You still take two naps a day of about an hour and a half each. Sometimes you will let mommy know it's naptime by just laying down on the floor and starting to fall asleep!
~One of your favorite times of day is your bathtime. In fact, if we forget to shut the bathroom door throughout the day, sometimes we'll find you in there with one leg up on the side trying to climb in! You love to play with all your animals in the tub and you're also very good about saying night night to each one and putting them all away one by one.
~Your favorite silly song is the "Itsy Bitsy Spider". You know almost all the motions to it and think it's about the best thing ever. You also think it's hilarious to do it super fast!
~While most of the time you are a very sweet girl, we have definitely had to start disciplining you a little bit more this month. There are a couple things that you know are no-no's, but you still like to do: get into the entertainment center cabinet, and throw your food on the floor when you're finished. We know that you know they are no-no's because sometimes you say "no-no" right BEFORE you do them! But you're learning. Yesterday I saw you inching your way toward the entertainment center, reach out your hand to open it, then say "no-no" and back away all on your own! What a good girl!
~Finally, you know the answer to the question, "How old are you?" You very proudly hold up one little finger! (We actually started working on it a couple weeks ago so that you would be ready for today!)

Anna Kate, we love you and hope that by God's grace we get to celebrate many, many more birthdays with you! Happy 1st birthday, sweet girl!

And here are your pictures:

1 month

2 months

3 months

4 months

5 months

6 months

7 months

8 months

9 months

10 months

11 months

12 months - Happy Birthday!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

1st birthday party!

What a wonderful 1st birthday party Anna Kate had yesterday! We had around 30 friends and family come to help us celebrate one year of life with Anna Kate and we had such a great time! Here are some pictures of the extravaganza (thanks to my wonderful friend Erin who offered to take pictures and captured these great shots!).

All dressed up and ready for her friends to arrive!

Here is Anna Kate with her friend Nora (the first party guest to arrive!)

Anna Kate with her best park buddy, Alice (notice the cupcake under Anna Kate's tutu!)

One of the few organized activities we did was a baby storytime with a couple of Anna Kate's favorite books (Barnyard Dance and Brown Bear, Brown Bear)

Before we get to the pictures of Anna Kate with her own special cake, here's the 1-shaped cake all the grown-ups got to eat! I know, the writing is a little rough, but at least it's shaped like a 1!

Oh the anticipation...

So this is the cake you've been talking about, huh?

Let me think about it for a minute...

Yep, I like it!

Mommy and Daddy enjoying the moment with our sweet girl

Since Luke's parents only live a couple hours away, they were able to come celebrate in person. My parents in Bolivia got to share in the excitement via Skype! Here's Anna Kate waving to the computer!

What a special day!

Stay tuned for an official birthday post on Tuesday!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A beautiful day!

While today has been pretty cold and rainy, yesterday was an absolutely beautiful spring-like day! Anna Kate and I took advantage of the sunshine and headed outside to play in the yard. She had lots of fun exploring the grass and the leaves and playing ball. Here are a bunch of pictures that I snapped of her while she was playing:

Checking out the grass

It's windy out here!

Playing ball

Dirty hands

Did you hear a dog?

Testing the boundaries

Ok, that's far enough. Come back to Mommy!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

This mommy had an absolutely wonderful 26th birthday yesterday! Yep, that's right, 26, which my sister pointed out is closer to 30 than it is 20 (this coming from someone who actually did turn 30 last month).

Luke made pancakes for breakfast, came home to have lunch with us, AND took me out to dinner! He also made me this beautiful cookie cake completely from scratch (he even made Grandma Burgin's icing!).

Luke and Anna Kate also did a GREAT job picking out gifts for me! Luke got me an awesome set of stainless steel pots and pans that I am super excited about! And Anna Kate got me the pizza pan (pictured above) that Luke used to make the cookie cake...oh and she took two great naps yesterday (which she hasn't done in the past few days because of the cough/cold she's trying to shake), so that was gift enough! And she signed her own birthday card for me! It says "Happy Birthday, Mom! Dad and I went in on a gift together." And then she signed it over on the left page!

We had some wonderful friends who were willing to keep Anna Kate for us while we went out to dinner and then we went back to their house and enjoyed the cookie cake with them. I meant to get a picture of Anna Kate with her great babysitters, but forgot...sorry!

Here is a picture of Luke and I though when we got home from our date night =)

I felt so loved by so many people yesterday, so to all who called, sent cards/gifts, e-mailed, posted on my facebook wall, etc., THANK YOU!

Now it's time to start the preparations for the next's in 3 days!