Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A little particular

Anna Kate has been showing us a lot more of her little personality lately, which has been lots of fun, but a bit more work, too! She has been making it quite clear that she knows exactly how things are supposed to be and if they are not that way, she will let you know! Here are a few of her little quirks lately:

~She has to hold a toy in the car, and it's always either her shovel (which she calls a "shhhhh") or her purse which she just points to and says "uh-huh uh-huh".
~Whenever she goes to sleep for naps or nighttime, she has to have not one, but two pacifiers. She keeps one in her mouth and one in her hand and switches them every 10 seconds or so until she falls asleep. Not sure why...maybe she likes them cold, I don't know.
~Also to go to sleep, she likes to be wrapped up in one of her two favorite blankets (either the pink one from Great Grandma Burgin, or the green/yellow one from Great Grannie that used to be Luke's). But she wants to be wrapped up with both feet sticking out. Why you ask? So that she can stick her feet out of the crib. And heaven forbid you put her to bed with socks on.
~Daddy has to read Goodnight Moon to her before she goes to bed at night or she will not get in the bed. Sometimes if we get home late from church or something we try to skip this step. Oh no. She will say "Moon Moon" adamantly until it happens.
~She has started to want to do everything herself, especially when it comes to eating. We have started letting her use her own fork and spoon to feed herself, so now if we ever try to feed her, she will have nothing of it. She's about 75% accurate on her own now though!
~She has to have cheese every day. Cheddar cheese. At least once. And she knows...if she didn't get it for lunch, she better have her "Ch Ch Ch" for snack.
~All toys and large numbers of household items get placed in the oven in her kitchen set. You can't find the remote? Check the oven. Mommy's hairbrush? Yep, oven.

I'm sure there are more that I'm not thinking of right now, but I hope you enjoyed that little glimpse into our little girl's personality!


  1. Such a sweet list, Patty! I love this stage. She may be related to me with the no socks thing. Nora wants to eat by herself, too, and prefers a real fork (heaven help us)which she switches to the left hand before using. And "Goodnight Moon"? Rebekah always had to say "husssssshhhh". If you forgot and said it first you were in trouble. It's good you're keeping a record of it all.

  2. That's my girl!

    Grandma B.