Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

3 months old today!

Caroline Hope, you are three months old today! How can it be that a quarter of your first year of life has already flown by?! You are getting so fun to be around and bring so much joy to our home. Here are the ways you are changing this month:

~You now are sleeping in the nursery with Anna Kate all night long! Well, Mommy still has to come feed you around 4 or so, but you go right back to sleep. You and Anna Kate do very well going to bed in the same room at the same time (and if you don't, it's usually her fault, not yours!). She really likes having you in there with her, though!
~You love to talk and smile and laugh and giggle! You really like it when we call you "Caresy Hope!" Especially when Anna Kate says it!
~You have also become a little bit ticklish this month. Especially right under your little chin.
~You are doing so well playing with your toys on your playmat. You like it so much that sometimes you will fuss in our arms to be put down for playtime! Your favorite toy is still your lamb that lights up and sings. In fact, I took a video of you yesterday just smiling away at it. You even like to look at it when it's not playing the music!
~You are still such an easy baby to take places. You sleep right through just about anything - grocery shopping, dinner out, church, whatever!
~While you are mostly a very easy baby, you will let us know very LOUDLY when you are hungry. You don't work yourself up to this loud cry though, it's just one minute you are perfectly happy and the next moment you are HUNGRY! I've been trying to anticipate it before it happens, but sometimes you still surprise me!
~Your daily schedule is looking something like this: Wake up around 8:30, nap from 10-11, nap again from 1-3, nap again from 5:30-6:30 or so, and then down for bed around 8. You are nursing about 7-8 times a day still, but I love that sweet cuddle time with you!
~You rolled over a couple of times from tummy to back this month, but you haven't been doing it extremely consistently yet. And it's probably because you might not get quite as much tummy time as you should, since Anna Kate's always bounding around the house and it makes me nervous to have you on the floor!
~You are such a PRETTY baby. You have a beautiful complexion, such pretty hair and eyes, and sometimes I just catch myself staring at you thinking about how precious you are!
~Your little face has started to remind me a little bit more of Anna Kate now that you have some pudginess on those cheeks! At first I thought you looked very different, but I can definitely see some more similarities now.
~You are getting to be quite a big girl! You weighed 12 lbs. 1 oz. at the doctor a couple weeks ago and you are 24 inches long. You have outgrown all of your 3 month clothes and are wearing all 6 month things now!

Caroline Hope, you are so precious to your daddy and me (and to your big sister!), and we love having you as part of our family. You truly are a blessing.

And here are your pictures!
One month

Two months

Three months
(wearing a dress that used to be your mommy's many years ago!)

And just for fun, here is Anna Kate at 3 months old

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