Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wesley and Cooper come to visit!

Anna Kate LOVES her cousins. She is constantly talking about Leah, Wesley, and Cooper, and how much she loves them. Well, she was so excited to hear that Wesley and Cooper were coming to Camden for Spring Break (although leading up to the visit, she kept saying, "And Leah?" Well, not this time =( Next time! Anyway, the long-awaited day finally came and Sarah, Wesley, and Cooper arrived...during naptime. Anna Kate usually wakes up slowly from nap, playing with her toys, and rolling around a little bit, but not this day. When she heard that her cousins were here, she bolted out of bed! And I don't think that the noise/running/excitement stopped for the entire 5 days they were here! We kept them all super busy, but we had a great time. Cooper and Anna Kate played so well together (except for arguing like brother and sister a few times!) and Wesley took great care of baby Caroline! Here are some pictures of our time together.

First snuggles!

Saturday we took Sarah and the boys to the famous Carolina Cup steeplechase horse race right here in our little town of Camden. Although we had to skip naps to do it, the kids had a great time and it's always fun to have an excuse to get all dressed up!

Side note...we had to walk over and visit my freshman roommate, Mary Margaret, who was one of the 80,000 spectators who came to the races! So fun to catch up with her and introduce her to Caroline (she met Anna Kate last year!).

Sunday afternoon, Luke (bless his heart), offered to take the three big kids to a special event at a local farm where the kids could meet the animals and see how a farm is run. Sarah and I stayed back and enjoyed some quiet time with Caroline and cleaned up the house for our small group that night.

Love this it a mirror, or a window? Haha!

Monday we took it easy and just showed them our favorite spots around town: the park and the library!
We had to get Caroline in on this one...but, yes, I am holding her...I just tried to hide my hands!

Too sweet

Caroline looking up at Aunt Sarah while the big kids played

Choo choo train!

We also enjoyed some ice cream on our front porch on a beautiful spring evening!

Yay for ice cream!

Tuesday we thought we would go on one more big outing - this time to EdVenture! We love our children's museum and knew that the boys would too!

Wesley had no fear climbing up inside Big Eddie!

And of course, the grocery store was a hit. Not sure what it is about this...

And Cooper was pretty serious about his tractor driving!

Wednesday morning came and we were very sad to see them go. Thank you so much for making the drive to visit us. Come again any time!

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