Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas in Greenwood

We just returned home from a wonderful five days in Greenwood spending Christmas with Luke's family. We enjoyed lots of board games, fires in the fireplace, walks in the chilly sunshine, and of course, lots of sweet treats!  We headed to Greenwood right after our 3pm Christmas Eve service, so we were there in time for a nice hot supper and time with the girls before bed.  Before I start with the Greenwood pictures though, I wanted to share just a couple that I took at home before we left.

Luke and I in front of our massive Christmas tree!  

Sweet Anna Kate 

And I just love our stockings, so I thought I would post a mantel picture or two!

Ok, now for the Greenwood pictures.  Of course the girls had to open their traditional gift of jammies on Christmas Eve.




(Caroline obviously wasn't super excited about AK's arm around her neck...)
A little playtime before bed!

After we got the girls down, I got to work stuffing stockings and Luke got to work on the girls gift from us...a wagon!  They absolutely love getting to ride in their friends' wagons, so we knew they would love it...and they did!

Daddy and Uncle Jonathan working hard

Mommy testing it out to make sure it was safe!

As for Christmas morning pictures, the girls were so busy and active that we didn't get many good pictures.  But here are a few!

First, though, how about a couple videos?  Anna Kate was up first and just couldn't wait to get started, so after a little while, we let her go wake up Caroline.

And then we opened the most important gift of all.

My sweet girl picked out a present for me all by herself.  Pink and black snowflake pajama pants!

Anna Kate with Mimi and Papa

Here is another video of the girls seeing their wagon for the first time! 

Once we brought the wagon inside, Caroline wouldn't get out of it!  She wanted all of her presents brought to her in the wagon.

After opening gifts, the rest of the morning was spent decorating Christmas cookies...


Putting together new puzzles...


And going for rides in the new wagon!

After naps we had a wonderful steak dinner!  I know, not necessarily traditional, but delicious nonetheless...and who passes up the chance to eat a good steak!

I tried to do a little photo shoot with Caroline after dinner...she was more interested in the ornaments!

Our little family

Highlights of the rest of the week included more wagon rides...

And decorating a gingerbread house!  We had so much fun we just might make it an annual tradition!

Anna Kate with her finished house...

(My favorite part of this picture is Caroline in the background!  I know, she's missing a shirt, but she got her dinner all over it and we were about to go get ready for bed!)

We had a wonderful week celebrating the gift of our Savior and are looking forward to all that God has in store for us in 2013.  Happy New Year, everyone!

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