Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Happy 8 months, Eleanor!

Eleanor Grace, you are eight months old today. You are growing and changing right before our eyes and we are loving every minute of it. You have always been sweet, but you're getting to be so much fun to be around. You have definitely found your place in this little family and we hardly remember what life was like as a family of four. As for your news this month...

- You are officially crawling. Everywhere. Fast. We've started to have to close the baby gate at the top of the stairs when we're up there, and I'm sure we'll be putting up the one at the bottom here pretty soon! You love crawling from room to room following Mommy around.

- You have decided that your favorite game is to get into everything you're not supposed to get into. You've figured out how to open cabinets and drawers this month. I also found you the other day ripping up an entire roll of Christmas wrapping paper. You were just as proud as you could be!
- While you're still a pretty easygoing baby, you've definitely developed a little more of an attachment to Mommy lately. You cry right when I leave you (in the nursery, for example), but then you're happy for about 45 minutes. And then you're done. And only Mommy (or Daddy!) will suffice. You sleep pretty well through sermons though, so you're not very difficult to have with us =)
- On Monday mornings, while Mommy teaches Spanish, you do go over to our friends the Chestnuts' house for an hour. You have a lot of fun with Courtney (their 15-year-old), and they've found that if you get fussy, you really like their vacuum!
- Your daddy knows how to get the best giggles out of you. You love it when he tickles you by kissing you under your chin. You just laugh and laugh and laugh.
- You are still enchanted with your sisters. You just watch them in amazement. They play really well with you, and especially like to hold you and read to you.
- You are eating quite a wide variety of food now. You still love all your favorites from last month, but a few new favorites are pureed pumpkin, black beans, and chicken pieces. You like to be fed from a spoon if I keep it coming fast enough, but you really like to have control yourself and pick up your own little bite-sized pieces. You've finally developed a good enough pincer grasp and hand-mouth coordination to do it yourself!
- You have a great nap schedule. You go down for about an hour nap in the morning somewhere between 9:30 and 10. Occasionally this nap is in the Ergo on Mommy while we run around to soccer, or grocery shopping. Then you nap for another 2-3 hours in the afternoon in your crib. No swing necessary! You also sleep pretty well at night, just needing Mommy once or twice =)
- You love the park. You really like the swings, but you especially like to try to eat the grass. You must think it's a really funny game to see how quickly you can grab a fist full before Mommy snatches it away.
- You are just starting to try to wave to people when they say hello. You've even said "hey" back a few times, but I'm not sure it's consistent enough to call it your first word yet!
- While you don't have any official words in your vocabulary, you are certainly talking a lot! You have become extremely noisy and vocal over the past few weeks!
- You definitely know your name. You look up and respond immediately with a big smile when you hear Eleanor or Ellie.
- You have no teeth yet, but your upper gums are quite swollen. I wouldn't be surprised if you get a couple of top teeth before you get your bottom ones (just like Anna Kate!).
- You love music. You love watching and listening to mommy play violin, and your whole body starts to bob up and down any time you hear singing.
- You give the best kisses to Mommy and Daddy, and even your sisters. You'll grab both sides of our faces and pull us close and slobber all over our cheeks with your big open mouth. It's pretty cute.
- And last, but not least, that thumb-sucking is here to stay =)

Eleanor, you are the best. Seriously, though, I just asked your Daddy if he had anything else he wanted to add to this post (he already helped a bit with the list), and he told me to just say that you're awesome. Because you are. You're the sweetest baby ever and we love you with our whole hearts.

And here are your pictures!

Eleanor - one month

Eleanor - two months

Eleanor - three months

Eleanor - four months

Eleanor - five months

Eleanor - six months

Eleanor - seven months

Eleanor - eight months

Caroline - eight months

Anna Kate - eight months

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