Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Advent Season 2015

We had a wonderful season leading up to our celebration of the birth of Christ this past December. We always find it to be a busy month, but we tried to be more intentional this year about focusing on the things that matter and taking the time to spend special moments together as a family. I thought I would post some of my favorite pictures from the month.

Adventures at the Christmas Tree Farm

This one was Ellie's pick!

This is the one we ended up with!

A few days later we had all of our youth over to decorate it! And for an ugly Christmas sweater contest!

Anna Kate and Caroline did a wonderful job in their church Christmas program. They had been talking for months about a "surprise" song, and they actually kept it secret! They learned all the verses of "Away in a Manger" in sign language and sang it beautifully!

Mimi was able to come see their program too!

Our homeschool group had a big Christmas party that ended with  trip to sing at a local nursing home.

You know, just wearing some gingerbread pillowcase tops. Because they're cute.

The girls have been really into Little House on the Prairie this year, so we made popcorn and cranberry garlands just like Laura and Mary!

After church one Sunday in our Christmas plaid. Because, again, they're cute.

Our homeschool co-op preschool group (which Caroline calls her ABC class) had a little party too!

And, of course, we had the Bethesda preschool nativity play. This time it was Caroline's turn to be a sheep! She is the second from the right.

Pretty dressy capes and a pea coat. Precious.

Fancy dresses at the candlelight service.

One morning before Christmas we went over to visit Ms. Lillie, one of our church members who isn't able to get out much anymore. She loved a little visit from the girls and Eleanor had fun with her kitty!

And, I got these wrapped just in time. Brown paper packages tied up with string

Well, there you have it. Our December happenings in a nutshell. It was busy, but we truly did treasure the moments and celebrated the gift of our Savior. 

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