Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Monday, May 9, 2016

February and March highlights

We really had a wonderful start to the new year. Here are a few highlights from February and March!

The girls and I went on a lunchtime picnic to the lake on my birthday. It was chilly, but a beautiful day!

We also went roller skating for the first time! A couple friends had a birthday party and I took the girls. Of course, Luke was busy with the youth disciple now, so I had to do it solo. There was a lot of falling the first hour, but after that they got the hang of it! The little walkers helped some :)

We did go and participate in a few of the worship sessions at the disciple now. The girls always love getting to spend time with the youth group!

One morning we tried to do a lot of hands-on school activities. We made a brittle star for Anna Kate's ocean box.

And we celebrated Leap Day 2016 by making silly leap frogs!

While all this crafting and experimenting was taking place, Eleanor was getting into things. For example, she found a glue stick and used it as chapstick - with less than desirable results!

The girls also started baseball and t-ball practices for the season! Caroline is thrilled to be old enough to play t-ball, and Anna Kate gets to play Coaches Pitch!

We had a big morning at church on Valentine's Day. We broke ground on the expansion of our sanctuary! We are so excited for God to use this project to allow us to minister to more families in our community!

Anna Kate received a butter church from Mimi and Papa for her birthday (Little House on the Prairie is our favorite thing these days) and had a great time trying it out for the first time!

Eleanor snuggled Mommy. A lot. It's her favorite thing. She can constantly be heard saying, "Mommy, holdmeup!"

The girls were all snuggly one morning in their "giant baby suits" as my dad calls them. So I had to take a picture!

We celebrated Dr. Seuss Day (and our cousin Colton's birthday!) by wearing wacky Dr. Seuss outfits!

And then St. Patrick's Day with a breakfast of green oatmeal and green smoothies!

The little ones had fun in their homeschool co-op preschool class!

I forgot to get a picture of the girls together in their green, but here's Eleanor!

What a fun couple months!

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