Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Monday, February 6, 2017

October 2016

October started off with a whirlwind. No literally, Hurricane Matthew came through. Thankfully, we only had small branches and limbs down and no damage. But it was enough that we had to take an entire morning to clean up the yard. The girls worked hard!

Later that month I took the big girls to our community theater's production of "Duck for President." It was a hilarious musical based off a great book that we've read by Doreen Cronin. It teaches the kids all about democracy and elections without them even realizing they're learning anything. 

The girls got to meet the cast after the show: 
Cow, Hen, Duck, Anna Kate, Caroline, Pig, and Farmer Brown

Anna Kate learned about archery in her Girls' History Club. She loved it!

She also loves wearing her Nez Perce outfit any old day doing her schoolwork in the yard.

We had our friends Paisley and Henry come spend three nights with us while their mommy and daddy were busy welcoming Baby Brody into the world. This kids had so much fun. Also, Henry did not know what to do with all those silly girls.

Here they are all doing "school" together one morning.

Sometimes Caroline wakes up from her naps earlier than she would like and comes downstairs to finish them with Mommy on the couch.

Anna Kate's geography club is making a massive map of the USA. Each student is assigned a couple of states a month to do a project on and decorate a to-scale version of their state. This month she worked on New Mexico - her daddy's birth-state!

And of course, we had our annual MHBC fall festival!

Pink and Purple Crayons...

And Sacagawea!

Mom drove back with us from Arkansas (blogpost to come), and it was so fun to have her here for the Fall Festival!

We ran into our friends Paisley the unicorn...

Henry the scarecrow...

And Aubrey, aka, Pocahontas!

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