Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ouch, my ribs!

Well, our little girl apparently has some pretty strong arms and legs because I've been feeling serious kicks/punches lately! I know she's not that big yet, and it will only get stronger, but it's definitely enough to wake me up in the middle of the night, or make me lose my train of thought while I'm teaching! It really is so cool to just feel her in there, though, and know that she's moving around like she's supposed to.

Other than that, there's really not a whole lot more to update about right now...except for the fact that I feel like my stomach is getting bigger by the minute. I put on a pair of pants that felt totally fine this morning, but by the time I got home this afternoon, they were much tighter...I suppose that could just be natural fluctuation, but I'm pretty sure I'm bigger than I was this morning! I will do another tummy shot post this weekend and you all can see for yourselves!

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