Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Sunday, February 6, 2011

1st birthday party!

What a wonderful 1st birthday party Anna Kate had yesterday! We had around 30 friends and family come to help us celebrate one year of life with Anna Kate and we had such a great time! Here are some pictures of the extravaganza (thanks to my wonderful friend Erin who offered to take pictures and captured these great shots!).

All dressed up and ready for her friends to arrive!

Here is Anna Kate with her friend Nora (the first party guest to arrive!)

Anna Kate with her best park buddy, Alice (notice the cupcake under Anna Kate's tutu!)

One of the few organized activities we did was a baby storytime with a couple of Anna Kate's favorite books (Barnyard Dance and Brown Bear, Brown Bear)

Before we get to the pictures of Anna Kate with her own special cake, here's the 1-shaped cake all the grown-ups got to eat! I know, the writing is a little rough, but at least it's shaped like a 1!

Oh the anticipation...

So this is the cake you've been talking about, huh?

Let me think about it for a minute...

Yep, I like it!

Mommy and Daddy enjoying the moment with our sweet girl

Since Luke's parents only live a couple hours away, they were able to come celebrate in person. My parents in Bolivia got to share in the excitement via Skype! Here's Anna Kate waving to the computer!

What a special day!

Stay tuned for an official birthday post on Tuesday!

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  1. She's so super cute!!! Happy first birthday party Anna Katesy!!! She is adorable of course. And her birthday outfit is about as cute as it gets. The cakes look great Patty! And the penants...! Storytime at a one-year party...what a great idea! I'll do that for sure whenever we have another first birthday ;). Love you all.