Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Final birthday post!

Although we did most of our celebrating at Anna Kate's party on Saturday, we still wanted to make her actual birthday (yesterday) special for her, so we had a few more fun things planned. First, she got to go on a shopping spree with mommy! She picked out two cute dresses, a cardigan that matches both, and a pair of white leggings to go underneath them since it's still so cold!

One of the ladies in our church made Anna Kate a special (and very yummy) pound cake for her birthday, decorated with a princess tiara and wand!

Anna Kate thought she was pretty special wearing that tiara - all day long! She really kept it on her head and loved waving the wand around! She wore it while she ate lunch...

She wore it while we played in the living room...

She wore it before we rocked to sleep...

Daddy came home about 30 minutes early from work so that he could have time to go to the park with us before dinner while it was still nice and sunny out (albeit a little cold!). We meant to take pictures, but forgot...oh well! Anna Kate wore her tiara to the park too!

When we got home we opened a few more presents from my family (she opened presents with Luke's family when they were here on Saturday for her party), and from us! (Note: the clothes on the back of the couch are the ones she picked out that morning)

Here's her gift from Mommy and Daddy! Not sure she'll really be using it any time soon, but she sure likes to sit on it!

After dinner she got to eat some more cake and then she was off to bed a little early because she'd had such an exhausting's hard being one!

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