Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Friday, March 25, 2011

And then there were FOUR!

Anna Kate has a big announcement she would like to make...

That's right! Anna Kate is going to be a big sister on or around October 16th! We couldn't be more thrilled about this blessing God is giving to our family!

We just got back from our second doctor's appointment (yes, it's been hard to keep from updating the blog for the last four weeks since we found out, but we wanted to wait a little longer), and everything looks great! Baby is measuring right on schedule (11 weeks) and the heartbeat looked fantastic. This was a very special appointment too because we took Anna Kate with us for the first time to see her baby brother or sister on the "TV". She thought it was pretty cool, but to be honest, she was more excited about the poster of puppies that was on the wall of the exam room. Oh well! Here she is being a good girl in the waiting room.

And of course, I am sure you want to see pictures of the new baby! So here is Baby Tolbert #2 at 7 weeks...not the best quality, since I just took pictures of the pictures, but it's something!

And here is the picture we got today at 11 weeks...a little easier to tell that it's a baby in there!

In case anyone is wondering, I am feeling about how I did with Anna Kate's first trimester...pretty sick! But I know that means that things are progressing like they should, so I am trying to "consider it all joy!" It would make it a little easier if Anna Kate didn't think it was funny every time I need to dash to the bathroom after something doesn't sit well on my stomach. She felt bad for me the first week, but now she just laughs...thanks for the sympathy!

Other than that, there's not a whole lot to report yet. I feel like I'm getting a little thicker around the middle, but not exactly "showing" yet, so we'll probably wait a week or two to put up a picture of me.

So that's our big news! It's also why I went on a blogging hiatus a couple weeks blogging time is usually during Anna Kate's naps and lately I've been needing the naps too!


  1. LOVE the pic of her hands in the air with the "big sister" shirt...perfect way to announce! Congratulations! I can't wait to meet him...or her.

  2. This Grandma and Grandpa are also very excited for another little one in our family. And, even more exciting is that we will both be there in October when baby is born!!

    Love Mom & Dad

  3. Such wonderful and exciting news! Congrats!!

  4. congratulations officially!!! :)

    Heheh I thought of a blog post I just did when I saw your header-- maybe something in it will be helpful to you!

    Hope we'll get to see each other sometime, and that our girls would even get to meet! They will be wonderful friends and will encourage each other in all things godly & musical. Yep. :)

  5. so excited for you guys... congratulations praying that you feel better soon.