Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A day at the races!

The horse races, that is!

Apparently our little town of Camden, SC, becomes quite the place to be every year on the first Saturday in April. Each year we host the Carolina Cup, a horse race on the national steeplechase tour. Camden has been known as horse country for quite some time, as Northerners used to (and still do) bring their horses down here for a more mild winter so they could continue training. Anyway, somewhere around 70,000 people show up every year for the Carolina Cup (population of Camden is 7000, fyi), and we were told we had to go and experience it at least once! For those of you who can't picture what a horse race in the South is like, think fancy sundresses and big hats for the ladies, bowties and seersucker pants for the men, and some serious tailgating! We have some good friends who invited us to go with them and we had a great time. We got there around 10am and stayed until 5! The races run every half hour or so, and in between we just headed back to our tailgate and enjoyed some good food and good conversation. Anna Kate did fantastic, too, and thought the horses were just about the coolest thing ever (although she did think they were big dogs)! She even took an hour and a half nap in her stroller with all the noise going on around her...everyone has been telling us that there's no way baby #2 will be so easy!

Ok, enough are some pictures of our fun day. Unfortunately I was too busy having fun and chasing around a 14 month old to take a lot of pictures, but I did get a few!

Anna Kate and her daddy...excited about the races!

For a couple of the races, we got up in the back of the truck so we could have an aerial view! Anna Kate had just woken up from her nap, hence the paci and the dazed look on her face...and sorry about the crazy windblown hair shot, Christa! It was a beautiful day, but it was definitely windy!

Like I said, somewhere around 70,000 people show up for this thing, including two of my freshman college roommates! So fun to see Mary Katherine and Mary Margaret and to introduce them to another double-named Southern belle...Anna Kate!

And just so you can get a glimpse of a's a video! You can see just how close we were to these horses...and just how fast they were going!

We definitely had a fun day at the races!

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