Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Monday, October 3, 2011

Family Pictures

So I realized yesterday that we really haven't taken many pictures of all three of us this pregnancy. We have some good ones of Anna Kate with me and my big tummy, but Luke is usually the photographer, so he hasn't gotten in on any of them. So yesterday after church, we finally had the chance to take some. It was an absolutely gorgeous fall day (as is today!), and Luke's parents and my mom were all in town, so we headed out to the front porch and took some pictures. Here are my favorites:

Loving on baby Line Line

And yes, I know it's trendy right now, but we had to do a heart picture!

And since both Grandma and Mimi were in town, we took one of all the girls!

And now we're just playing the waiting game! We have an appointment tomorrow, so there might be news after that. At my appointment last week the ultrasound estimated an 8 lb. baby, so I have no doubt she is pushing 9 lbs by now. Come soon, Caroline!

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