Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nine Months Old!

Sweet Baby Caroline, you are 9 months old today!  Three-quarters of a year!  It's hard to believe that we're halfway through summer and your October birthday is just around the corner.  You are growing up so fast, right before our eyes, and it seems like you are changing and doing something new each day!

~ This month you are REALLY crawling and on the move!  You still occasionally slide on your tummy because you're pretty fast that way, but most of the time you're up on hands and knees.
~ You are now pulling up to standing on just about anything you can crawl up to (coffee table, playroom chairs, dollhouse, stairs, etc.)
~ Speaking of stairs, you are just starting to want to crawl up the three steps up to the landing.  In fact, Daddy's in trouble for this one because he was watching you for 30 minutes yesterday while I taught a violin lesson and in that 30 minutes he taught you to pull up on the first step and try to climb up.  You had never noticed the stairs or been interested in them at all until that!
~ You said your first word this month: Da da!  You don't say it consistently yet, but it was a very clear "Da Da" and we hear it every couple of days.
~ You have become very vocal this month and are always "talking".  You have figured out lots of different consonant sounds and like to join in every conversation.  You also have this high-pitched squeal that you like to do a lot!
~ You really have started to enjoy playing in the playroom lately.  I can just sit you in there while I work in the kitchen and you have a great time pulling toys out and playing.
~ We have let you try a much wider variety of foods this month and you seem to enjoy most of them, but only a few bites at a time and then you lose interest.  I think so far we have tried applesauce, sweet potatoes, carrots, avocados, bananas, peaches, watermelon, and black beans. Oh, and you really like to share Mommy's hummus at lunchtime!
~ While you think these foods are kind of fun to play around with, you still want your primary source of nourishment to be nursing!  You are still wanting to nurse 6-8 times a day (plus a few in the middle of the night...)
~ Speaking of nights, we have had a couple of good ones in the last month, but you still have yet to become the wonderful sleeper that I am hoping you will one day be!  You go to bed fairly easily around 8pm, but then usually wake up every 2-3 hours until we're up for good around 7am.
~ You take two great naps during the day which is nice!  Usually from 9-10:30am and then from 1-3pm.
~ You still just have your two front bottom teeth, but I can see the white of one of your top teeth about to pop through!
~ You must have hit a growth spurt this month because every time I look at you, you just seem bigger!  You have definitely outgrown all your 9 month clothes and are wearing all 12-18 month outfits.
~ You have become very giggly this month.  You just laugh and laugh when we do things like play peek-a-boo, or sing silly songs, or tickle you!
~ You are starting to get a little bit more hair on your sweet baby head!  It's getting a little bit lighter in color, and it's hard to tell, but it seems to maybe have just a tiny bit of curl in it.  Not sure how you could have curly hair with how straight your mommy and daddy's hair is, but we'll see!
~ You have been really interested in books lately.  Not so much reading them (although, you will listen to stories sometimes!), but holding them, and pulling them out of the basket, and knocking over stacks of them!  I am just glad you like books...hopefully you will be an avid reader one day!
~ You love playing with Anna Kate's baby doll and she's usually very good about sharing her with you.  You love to give her slobbery kisses all over her face.  You have a little cloth baby doll of your own, but I think we may need to get you a big girl baby soon!
~ You have decided that you really like riding on Mommy in the Ergo lately.  You have always liked it, but you seem to really enjoy it now.  Which I love because it makes it so easy to go grocery shopping, to the farmers market, on walks, etc.!
~ I know I am your Mommy, so of course I think this, but you are such a pretty baby!  You just have the perfect little baby doll face!  And it is so kissable!

Caroline Hope, the joy that you have brought to our lives in just these past nine months is amazing.   We love you more and more each day!

Here are your pictures!

One month

Two months

Three months

Four months

Five months

Six months

Seven months

Eight months

Nine months

 And just for fun, here is big sister at nine months:

(This is the first monthly picture where I think you look quite a bit alike...same happy smile!)

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