Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Caroline at 18 months!

As of last week, Caroline is officially a year and a half old! I thought I would take this opportunity to write a little bit about what our very busy toddler is up to these days!

Caroline is a joy. Caroline is also a drama queen. Her highs are very high, and her lows are very low! But most of the time, she is a very sweet little girl who loves her Mommy and Daddy and Sister more than anything in the world.

Caroline has started to really communicate with us over the past couple months. She will try to imitate just about any word we say, but as for the words she says on her own without prompting, here are some of her favorites: Mommy (not Mama anymore), Daddy, Sis, ball, nana (banana), doggie, ama (amen), Pappy (paci), Ora (Nora), Ahhhvah (Ava, or avocado), Nee (Annie), Lala (Angela - our pastor's wife), hi, bye-bye, shoes, ticka ticka ticka (tickle), Tig (the neighbor's kitty), baby, wa-wa (water), out, night-night.

Caroline knows lots of animal sounds and especially loves to do them with Anna Kate. Her favorites are the monkey and elephant (because those have motions too), but she also really likes the horse, dog, and cat!

Caroline is very affectionate - toward Mommy, Daddy, and sister, and then anyone under the age of 5. If you're older than 5, then you are pretty much out of luck in the hugs from Caroline department. At least if Mommy's in the room.

Caroline loves to read books. She will sit and read books on her own, but she will also sit and let you read story after story after story to her. She is also starting to finish words in some of her favorite books (Hop on Pop, Barnyard Dance).

Caroline loves to play outside. Whether we are at the park, or in the sandbox in the backyard, or out on a walk, her little face just lights up.

Caroline has a very special relationship with her big sister. They know just how to make each other laugh and they do it often - in the car, at the table, wherever! When they are not arguing over toys, they really play well together. They love to play doctor, school, baby dolls, and cooking.

Caroline is quite the runner and climber. She is quite fast and she is constantly surprising me with the things she can climb!  She can climb all the way to the top of the playground and slide down the big slide on her own.  She also just figured out how to climb the ladder at the park (not just go up the steps).

Caroline could still use some improvement in the sleep department. Lately she has just been waking up once though around 3 or 4am. We've mostly been sending Luke in there to remind her that it is still night night - if I go in, it's a much longer ordeal =) She does take a great 3 hour nap every afternoon though!

Caroline LOVES her daddy. She gets SO sad when he leaves to go to work. In fact, this is one of the few times of day that she actually puts multiple words together.  She stands at the back door after he leaves and she says (in the saddest voice you've ever heard), "Ooooh, my Daddy!" Her sorrow at his departure is no match, however, for her joy upon his return. She stands at the same back door and bounces up and down saying, "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!"

Caroline's favorite song is "The Word of the Lord" from our Seeds Family Worship CD. She loves to dance to it and wave her hands in the air every time it comes on.

There is always more that I can say, but I will stop there for now! Caroline Hope, thank you for the joy that you bring our family. You may not be the most "easy-going" baby in the world, but you sure are passionate about life, and your daddy and I pray that God will use that passionate personality to do great things for his kingdom. May you rejoice in seeing the gospel spread, may you mourn as you minister to the brokenhearted, may you be filled with a righteous anger at injustice around the world, and may you always direct those emotions toward bringing honor and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

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