Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Eleanor Grace is one month old!

Happy one-month birthday, Little Eleanor! Actually, this is the only month where you don't technically have a one-month birthday (since February doesn't have 30 days), so March 1st will have to count! In any case, you have been a part of our family for a whole month and we could not be more grateful for the joy that you have brought. You might think that since you are our third child (and our third girl at that), that we already know what we need to know about this parenting thing, but in reality, you have taught us so much. Here's what we have learned by being your mommy and daddy in just one short month:

~ Babies don't really need as much as we think they do. I'm afraid you don't yet have a perfectly decorated nursery (although you will have a pretty room once our renovations are completed). Right now, you have a pack and play bassinet right next to our bed, a couple little under-the-bed bins of clothes, and your sisters' hand-me-down cloth diapers. And that's it. And you are perfectly content!
~ Babies are meant to be held. We use your swing occasionally, when we really need it (like when I'm teaching violin), and we've used your stroller exactly twice, but by and large, you are always being held. Either in Daddy's arms, or Mommy's sling, or on the couch with your sisters arguing over who gets to hold you! 
~ Tummy time is best done on Mommy or Daddy's chest (see above). We haven't been very good about using your playmat yet, but you would rather be held anyway. And you're doing just fine developing very strong upper body and head control that way!
~  The newborn days go faster and faster with each baby. With your older sisters, I certainly enjoyed the newborn days, but I was also excited to get to the next new stage. With you, I know that they will come soon enough and I should just slow down and enjoy life with you. So that's what I'm doing.
~ Adding just one more baby exponentially increases the love in a family. We truly are all just smitten with you. Daddy is currently enjoying a Saturday afternoon nap with you snuggled in his arms. Anna Kate loves to be your second little mommy, helping with all of your many needs. Caroline is constantly asking to hold "Baby Ellie Grace" and "kiss her". And me? My favorite time with you is honestly the middle of the night. I know I may want you to "sleep through the night" one of these days, but right now I love waking up to your little sounds asking to be fed. Lately you've been giving us a nice 4 hour stretch in your own bassinet when we go to bed, but then I feed you and sometimes forget to put you back for a while. You're just so snuggly!
~ Having a third baby girl also exponentially increases the cuteness when you all wear matching outfits. It's almost too much for me to handle. I've never had so much fun in my life!

~ Babies are truly miraculous gifts from God. This is true of all babies, but we may have taken it for granted until we had you.

Precious Eleanor Grace, you are God's gracious blessing to us and we love you. We know that God has great plans for your life and we pray that as you grow in stature, you will also grow to know and serve him with your whole heart...but please stop growing so quickly!

Mommy and Daddy

And how about some one-month comparison pictures. Who do you look like?

Anna Kate - one month old

 Caroline - one month old

Eleanor - one month old

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