Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Friday, May 30, 2014

Eleanor is 4 months old!

Baby Eleanor is now FOUR months old! Stay little, sweet one! Each day you are just getting bigger and bigger. It seems like this month has brought so many changes and developments - each one bittersweet as we love watching you do new things, but we also want you to stay our baby forever!

~ You are now rolling over both ways easily and purposefully. You actually started out rolling from your back to your tummy (which is supposed to be more difficult). Now the moment we lay you down on the floor or the bed, you immediately roll over and try to go somewhere.
~ Speaking of going somewhere, you certainly do roll and scoot all over the place. We will frequently find you completely off your playmat after just glancing away for a minute.
~ You love grabbing onto things (including, but not limited to, toys, loveys, taggies, clothes - your own or others) and putting them straight in your mouth.You've got that hand/mouth coordination down pat.
~ You are still quite the thumbsucker. I think that habit is here to stay! And it's PRECIOUS. We have stopped swaddling your arms at night because you were breaking free anyway to try to get to your thumb.
~ You now sleep ALL night long! First baby I've ever had who's done that before a year (or two). I nurse you and put you down around 8pm and we don't hear from you until 6 or 6:30am. And trust me, I would hear you, since you're still sleeping in a pack-and-play within arm's reach of my side of the bed. You apparently find your thumb sometime during the night and you're perfectly happy! I then feed you around 6:30 and you sleep again until 8:30.
~ As for naps, you usually take a 45-60min morning nap in your bed around 10am (or in Mommy's sling if we're out and about), and then you take a nice long afternoon nap (2.5-3 hours) in your swing downstairs. Occasionally you still want a little 30 minute catnap around dinnertime, but those have been fewer and farther between lately.
~ You are getting pretty chunky these days in your legs and cheeks! You do sleep all night, but you nurse every 2 hours all day long, so that makes up for it!
~ You are such a happy baby and are always smiling, talking, and laughing. You really only cry if you're tired and we haven't put you to bed yet. We've been getting some really good giggles out of you lately when we tickle your chunky legs or give you big spit-kisses on your tummy!
~ You are getting prettier and prettier every day. Your eyes are getting darker, but still have a little hint of blue in them. You definitely have Daddy's forehead/hairline, and just the perfect little round face. And maybe two chins...

~ You've been going to the church nursery a little more the last few weeks and you do great! You like to rock with Mr. Michael, or go on walks with April or Angela. If you're sleepy, they can just lay you in the swing and you'll find that thumb and go right to sleep.
~ You're starting to actually enjoy (and not just sleep through) storytime at the library! Yesterday you paid attention the whole time. Caroline actually wanted to hold you for most of it (with Mommy's help, of course), and she helped you clap your hands or sway to the music, and you just loved it!
~ You really love having "conversations" with Anna Kate. She just gets so excited when you smile and "talk" back to her. She insistently claims that you've already said lots of first words - "hi" and "mama," for instance =)

Eleanor Grace, you are such a precious baby and an absolute blessing to our family. Thank you for bringing so much joy to our lives. It's truly amazing how a family's capacity to love just grows exponentially with each addition, and that has certainly been true of you. We all love you more than words can say!

Mommy, Daddy, Anna Kate, and Caroline

And now for your pictures!

Eleanor - one month old

Eleanor - two months old

Eleanor - three months old

Eleanor - four months old

And for the comparison pics...

Anna Kate - four months old

Caroline - four months old

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