Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Eleanor is 9 months old!


Eleanor Grace, you are NINE months old today! Three quarters of a year! Life with you just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter (and sometimes a bit more tiring). But definitely sweeter! You are such a fun and happy baby and we just can't get enough of you. Here is your news this month:

-Your first two teeth came in this month! I really thought that, like Anna Kate, your top teeth were going to come in first since they have been pretty red and swollen. But no, just last week, your front bottom teeth came in a couple days apart. They aren't very tall yet, but they are definitely there. You're still not sure about them and constantly feeling them with your tongue!
- And of course, as can be expected with all this teething, you haven't been sleeping extremely well here lately. The last week or so, you've either wanted the swing or the big bed. You'll sleep pretty decently if we give you one of those! However, I finally got to the store yesterday and bought you some teething tablets and they've been miraculous. You've taken naps in your crib, and slept all night in your crib! Well, I went and fed you twice, but you went right back to sleep in your own bed!
- Some of my favorite times of the day are nursing and rocking you to sleep. It truly is a joy. You've developed the sweetest little habit over the last month. Whenever I nurse and rock you, you feel around with your hand until you find my left hand. Then you proceed to play with my wedding ring as you nurse to sleep.
- You are still the snuggliest baby ever. You just love to sit and be held by Mommy and Daddy. Especially if there is something entertaining to watch, like your big sisters!


- Speaking of your sisters, you really want to be big like them. They've been playing outside a lot now that the weather is cool and the mosquitos are gone. And I do take you outside quite a bit, but if I'm working in the kitchen, you have to stay inside too. And you just press your little face against the back door and watch them longingly. It's pathetic really :)

- You are getting very strong and it won't be long before you're pulling up on things. Right now you get almost all the way there - up to one foot and one knee. You can definitely reach things at couch or coffee table height.
- You have the best excited face and mannerisms. You get your really big double-dimpled smile and wave and clap your hands. It's pretty cute.

- You still love to suck your thumb. It's pretty much your favorite thing to do. You do it when you're tired, or happy, or bored, or sad...just about anytime is a good time to suck your thumb!
- You are eating all kinds of table food now. You eat whatever meats, fruits, and veggies that the rest of us are. And really, you've liked them all. You tried plain yogurt yesterday for the first time and you weren't too sure about the sour taste, but you were at least willing to give it a chance!
- You still love to be carried around in the sling or the Ergo. We like to call you our little Joey! Even Daddy has gotten a lot of use out of the Ergo when he takes all three of you to the soccer fields while I teach lessons.

Eleanor, we all love you so much! Stay little, ok?

Here are your pictures:

EGT - one month

EGT - two months

EGT - three months

EGT - four months
EGT - five months

EGT - six months

EGT - seven months

EGT - eight months

EGT - nine months

And, who do you look like?

Anna Kate - nine months

Caroline - nine months

And just for fun...I apparently tired you out taking pictures of you this morning! Big yawn!

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