Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Friday, February 6, 2015

Eleanor's Winter "ONE"derland!

We had a fantastic time celebrating Ellie's first birthday. We decided that we would go ahead and do a little party for her a couple of weeks early. My parents were in town, it was a weekend that worked for Luke's parents, and it would give us a little time before Anna Kate's birthday! Since she was born in a big snow and ice storm, we thought it would be fun to do a winter "ONE"derland party. It also helped that my sister-in-law, Rachael gave us a bunch of decorations from Rebekah's party last January :)

We just invited grandparents this year, as well as one other family who is very special to Eleanor. Courtney is a student in our youth group and keeps Eleanor each Monday morning for me while I teach Spanish at the preschool. She and her family love Ellie, so we were glad they were able to come celebrate her first year of life with us. Courtney also offered to take pictures, so I can't take any credit for these photos!

You're invited...


Opening gifts!

ONE dollar from Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Burgin

Picture books from Grandma and Grandpa

Musical farm toy from Mimi and Papa

Board book from Aunt Allison

Cake time!

"I just do it like this?"

Mommy helped her break off her first bite

 "Oh, now I've got it!"

The aftermath...

Everyone loves Eleanor!

And of course, she had to do her phone trick. Hello?!?

And last, but not least, our friends Nora and Ava brought Ellie a birthday balloon on her actual birthday last week. I tried to get pictures of her playing with it, but she was having too much fun to be still. I got one cute one!

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