Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The cool thing about being a youth pastor's kid...

is that you get to be a part of the youth group LONG before you're in 6th grade!

Anna Kate has learned that lesson firsthand this past year in her daddy's first year of being a youth pastor. Just this year she has participated in numerous poolside Bible studies, experienced the SC state fair, gone on a ski trip, helped with fundraisers, gone to cookouts, hung out with the big kids for "open youth room", come to youth group (when she doesn't want to stay in nursery), and most recently, helped with the youth yard sale and gone bowling! In fact, those last two events are just a couple of reasons why it's been a week since I last blogged! We have been so busy already this summer with youth events, but it has been fun!

Last week we spent the entire week setting up and preparing for our yard sale on Saturday. All of the items for sale were donated by church members, and the youth (and some wonderful parents!) did all of the sorting, organizing, displaying, pricing, selling, and cleaning up! All in all they made over $1400 to be used primarily for their mission camp next month. Here is a picture of the kids hard at work!

Anna Kate kept herself busy by "testing" all of the toys that came in. She took her job quite seriously, making sure they were safe and fun for the next kid that might get to enjoy them!

Monday night we rented out the local bowling alley with two other youth groups in our area. The kids had a blast, as did Anna Kate! I wasn't quite sure how she would handle the noisy atmosphere of a bowling alley, but she did great...especially when they brought out the cheese pizza! Unfortunately, I didn't get many pictures, but here are a few to document the occasion.

All of our youth group girls LOVE Anna Kate and she of course is perfectly happy being one of the big kids!

We are loving this season of our lives right now where we get to participate wholeheartedly in the ministry to which God has called our family. I know it might be a little more difficult in a couple months when our second little girl arrives, but hopefully she will jump right in and be a part of the youth group too!

And as a side note...bowling while 24 weeks pregnant is not the best idea...I think I pulled a couple muscles that I didn't even know I had! But we sure had fun!

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  1. I love this blog update. I like that Anna Kate had a special job for the Youth Garage Sale! So cute! It also makes me a very happy mom to know that you and Luke are so happy doing what God has called you to do right now. We are so excited to see you new house and to be with you in Camden and able to spend special time with you and Sarah and Dustin and the boys and Stephen and Rachael and Leah Rose! We are so blessed. Love Mommy