Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving with the Tolberts!

We had such a wonderful time last week celebrating Thanksgiving with Luke's family. It was a much needed few days off work for Luke, and a much appreciated few days of help with the babies for me! This post is going to be FULL of pictures since I took quite a few myself, but also since Luke's brother Jonathan is working on his photography skills and took hundreds that he shared with us!

The first day we were there we took Caroline to meet Luke's Grannie for the first time. I love how this picture captures her excitement to meet her second great-grandchild!

And here she is again in great-grandmother heaven! (And is it just me or does Anna Kate look way too grown up in the picture?)

Anna Kate loved getting out all the toys that her daddy played with when he was little. The two biggest hits were the Duplo Lego blocks and the wooden train pull-toy!

On Wednesday Luke's parents and brother and sister offered to let Luke and I go out on a date for lunch while they watched the babies. Looks like Mimi had it all under control!

We so enjoyed sitting by the fire that Jonathan kept going almost the whole time we were there! Anna Kate had never seen such a phenomenon before and she was quite intrigued.

And here's my little Caroline on her first Thanksgiving!

Getting a picture of these two little turkeys together is not very easy, but here are my best two!

And no surprise here...Anna Kate is ready for the Thanksgiving feast!

And the whole family at the table!

And then we decided we needed a more formal family picture...this was the best shot of everyone!

Back Row: Anna Kate, Luke, Patty, Caroline, Papa (Sam), Jonathan, Allison
Front Row: Grannie, and Mimi (Margo)

After a great Thanksgiving feast we decided to head to the park to get a little fresh air and exercise!

Anna Kate loves her Aunt Allison!

On Friday we headed to a Christmas Tree farm to pick out a tree for Luke's family. Anna Kate had a blast "driving" this tractor!

Then we found one more her size!

Time for a hayride!

And finally, here are a couple of Thanksgiving crafts that I did with Anna Kate the week of Thanksgiving. First, we made a Thankful Tree. Anna Kate collected the sticks with her daddy and we all made leaves that said what we were thankful for.

And a coloring page that Anna Kate did. I helped her write down all the things she was thankful for. She came up with these by completing the sentence when I said, "Thank you God for...."

In order, she is thankful for oatmeal, yogurt, Mommy, Caroliney, Daddy, Nora (church friend), and craft time!

We truly have so much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. And all of our thanksgiving is to the One from whom all blessings flow.


  1. That first picture is just beautiful! So sweet that Anna Kate said she was thankful for Nora. I'm sure if Nora would talk she'd say she was thankful for Anna Kate. ;)

  2. Nora is very thankful for Anna Kate too, and she makes it apparent by kissing the computer screen every time she sees her face. :)