Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Monday, June 18, 2012

Eight months old today!

Happy eight-month birthday, Caroline Hope!
It is June 18th and another month has flown by!  You are growing by leaps and bounds both physically and in what you are able to do and how you are interacting with us.  I will just jump right in to all we want to remember about you this month.

~ I don't have your official stats since we haven't had your 8-month check-up yet, but I am pretty sure you've hit the 20 pound mark!  You are wearing a number of 12 month outfits now too.  Big girl!
~ We have truly seen your relationship with your Daddy grow exponentially this month.  You have always been a mama's girl, but this month you are just as easily comforted by your daddy and have started to really love to be snuggled by him.  You will very contentedly sit in the "bunny hole" between his legs and the couch and just play and giggle with him.  You love to be held by him during the music time during church while Mommy plays violin (since you still refuse to stay in the nursery for the service)!
~ Speaking of the nursery, you have decided that it is acceptable to go and stay for the Sunday School hour.  Your teachers are the same each week (Ms. Erin, Ms. Summer, and Ms. Skipper) and you have become very comfortable with them.  Ms. Erin usually rocks you for your morning nap each week and you do great!
~ You now lift up your arms out to be picked up and held.  Even if we just walk by you as you are playing, those little arms go right up and it's so hard to resist!
~ You are still the worst sleeper on the planet.  You do take two pretty decent naps during the day, but you are up at least every 2 hours at night, rarely fussy or angry, just awake and wanting to snuggle and/or nurse.  We're hoping that will improve someday!
~ We have started to experiment giving you some first foods.  I will admit that I have been pretty nervous about it because of your allergies, but we have found a couple that you like.  We tried bananas first and that didn't go so well, but avocados, sweet potatoes, and applesauce have all been a success!  You mostly just roll it around in your mouth and smile, sometimes swallowing and sometimes not, but at least you think it's fun!
~ Your new favorite thing to do when you're sitting up is bounce.  I really need to get a video of it because it's adorable, but you just bounce your whole body up and down any time you are happy, or you hear music, or you see something you like, or one of us makes you laugh!
~ Speaking of sitting up, you have now figured out how to get from a sitting position to a crawling position without falling over.  You have also started to rock back and forth a little bit on your hands and knees, like you're wanting to crawl that way. 
~ You are very much on the move now.  It's still an army crawl (tummy on the floor), and usually you move backwards, but you certainly can get where you want to go!
~ You really love to be outside.  On the porch swing, in the backyard, walks in the stroller or the Ergo, or at the park.  Any time you start to be a little fussy, we just go outside and you are back to your happy little self!
~ You have become very opinionated about wanting exactly what you want when you want it.  You will absolutely SHRIEK if we take something away that is not an appropriate toy (e.g. Daddy's glasses, keys, cell phone, etc.).  We try to appease you by offering you a suitable replacement, but you can't be fooled.
~ You are really enjoying bathtime lately, especially now that you can sit up and take a bath in the big bath with Anna Kate.  You love to splash your little hands and play with whatever toys your sister will share with you!  You also enjoyed your first little trip to the swimming pool this month, although we just stayed on the steps and splashed.  We'll get more adventurous in the water soon!
~ You went on multiple little road trips around South Carolina this month and you do so well!  You are such an easy baby to take on car rides.  As long as you have a toy and access to your toes, you are happy as a clam!
~ You are just starting to get a little more hair on your sweet head.  It's now definitely more than peach fuzz and might be getting a little bit lighter brown.
~ You just laugh and laugh at your big sister when she is "learning" you things (I've tried to tell her that she is "teaching" you, but she insists that she is "learning" you).  Lately she has been "learning" you to share and to say "Kate".  You're not very good at either one yet!

Sweet Caroline, you are such a precious little baby and we are treasuring each and every day with you.  You are on the receiving end of hundreds of hugs and squeezes and kisses every day from your Mommy, Daddy, and big sister because we just love you so much. 

And for your pictures!

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Eight months!

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