Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Monday, June 18, 2012

A week of celebrations!

The third week in June will always be a big week of celebrations in the Tolbert household!  We have Luke's birthday on June 12, our anniversary on June 15, and Father's Day always shortly thereafter.  I forgot to take pictures on Luke's birthday this year, but we did celebrate with gifts in the morning and then a special pork loin dinner with friends in the evening.  I even got out the good china!
Friday was our anniversary, and not just any anniversary, but our FIFTH!  5 whole years since we said our vows on that Friday night in Greenwood, SC.  Luke's parents and brother were SO wonderful to offer to come and watch the girls for 5 whole hours so we could get away to celebrate our 5 years of marriage!  This was the longest we have been away from them since Caroline was born.  Here we are leaving on our excursion.

Luke planned a wonderful afternoon trip to the botanical gardens which were lovely!  It was so nice to just walk around the gardens together and enjoy the SILENCE!  Well, we did lots of talking, but silence all around us =) 


Luke being silly =)

After the botanical gardens we went downtown to a Starbucks for some coffee and conversation and then to the Blue Marlin, a wonderful steak and seafood restaurant which we thoroughly enjoyed.

Upon our arrival home, we were told that the girls were absolutely wonderful and didn't fuss at all!  Even our little mommy-attached Caroline!  Here's Anna Kate enjoying the cake pop that we brought her back from a little cupcake shop we found.

Luke's family stayed through the weekend to celebrate Father's Day with us.  Here we all are after church on Sunday.

Our little family

Daddy and his girls

And, here is the gift that we gave Luke for Father's Day.  Let me tell you, it was NOT easy to get these shots!  I had to do it over multiple days and remake the cardboard letters multiple times because the babies kept ripping and eating them!  But I think it turned out cute!


And the finished product!


What a wonderful weekend we had!


  1. Patty, this is too cute! The pictures of the girls are precious. Happy Birthday to Luke and Anniversary to both of you! I am so glad you agreed to marry my crazy brother and become a part of our family. Sorry I missed out on the weekend in Camden... Hope you all are doing well. Thinking about you specifically while I'm in Vienna. Sending all my love to the Camden Tolberts!


    1. Super cute gift, Patty!! Rock on, mama!!