Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Family Vacation!

After an extremely busy first half of June, it was time for us to get away on a little vacation. We had not seen any of my family since Christmas, so we headed up the eastern seaboard and did a little family tour. Both my older brother and sister and their families have moved into new homes this year, and none of them had met Eleanor yet, so this was quite a fun trip! We started out last Sunday morning at 3am, putting three sleeping girls in their carseats and heading north to Washington, DC. After one quick stop for breakfast, we arrived at their new rowhouse on Capitol Hill around 11am and were greeted by Sarah, Dustin, Wesley, Cooper, Colton, and my mom who had been there for the past week. The girls had such a great time with their three boy cousins! We made trips to the park, shopped at Eastern Market, played in a splash park on the Potomac river, visited the monuments and memorials, and just enjoyed being together.

Smiles from Grandma and Eleanor

 Grandma snuggling best buddies, AK and Cooper (just 10 weeks apart in age)

Cooper and Eleanor getting acquainted

Honoring Great-Grandpa Burgin at the WWII Memorial

Grandma with 6 of her grandkids at the Lincoln Memorial

Grandma with the girls

Our family

Anna Kate and Caroline with the Washington Monument

A carousel ride for everyone!

Caroline (ever-cautious) chose the bench seat

Splashing with cousins!

This awesome splash pool/fountain is 11 inches deep and about as big as a football field!

Walking with Grandma

Colton REALLY loves his mama, but Aunt Patty is a close second!

After three days in DC, we made the 2.5 hour drive to Norfolk, VA, to see Stephen and Rachael and their girls, Leah and Bekah. They had such a fun few days planned for us! We spent Thursday morning at their Botanical Gardens and splash park.
 Bekah - because she's adorable

Leah, Bekah, and Caroline

Leah and Caroline

Running and splashing

And then AK dressed up as a monarch butterfly

And Caroline swept up the playhouse

Ellie even got in on the splashing!

Heading home for great naps!

Friday morning, we went to a lovely beach on the Chesapeake Bay and enjoyed some sunshine.

This is how Eleanor spent quite a bit of the morning!

But then she woke up for a while!

All five girl cousins!
Eleanor (4.5 months), Bekah (18 months), Caroline (2), Anna Kate (4), Leah (5)

Friday evening we went out to a fun little pizza place and then enjoyed another splash park and some live music downtown.

Throughout the week, we of course enjoyed lots of baby snuggles!

Bekah enjoyed practicing her new big sisterly duties (baby Burgin is coming in just 6 weeks)!


Early Saturday morning, it was time to head back home. It's always sad to say goodbye to everyone, but we are so thankful for such a wonderful week!

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