Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Monday, June 30, 2014

Five months old!

Sweet baby Eleanor, you are FIVE months old today!  You are an absolute joy to our family. You are constantly happy, always content, and the most huggable and kissable baby ever. There is so much I could write about your fifth month, but here is just a little bit about life with you these days.

- You absolutely love your toes. They are the best toys ever because you always have them with you. They're especially entertaining in the car seat or the Bumbo!
- In addition to your toes, you have a couple of other favorite toys as well. You have two little taggie blankies that you love (one is softer and more snuggly, the other has more toys on it), as well as a fun little taggie elephant that you play with a lot.
- You are still definitely a thumb sucker. Sometimes when we're driving I'll ask your sisters what you're doing and they usually say, "sucking her thumb and being cute!"

- Speaking of the car, you went on your first major road trip this month to DC and Norfolk. You were absolutely perfect in the car. I don't think you cried once on any of our three drives (7 hours, 3 hours, and 6 hours).
- You are getting quite strong and will be sitting up on your own very soon. I can easily carry you on my hip now and you support your whole upper body.
- You still like to be carried in Mommy's sling, but we also started using the Ergo quite a bit this month and you love it! It's been great for long periods of babywearing and nursing on the go.
- You've started to become very interested in table food. You like to grab at whatever I'm eating or drinking. You also grab tablecloths which can get messy! You still have to wait a little while before I think you're ready for food, but you're excited!
- You are going through a major growth spurt right now. Just last week on our vacation you outgrew all your 6 month sleepers. You are also just about ready to move to our medium size cloth diapers. I can also tell you're going through a growth spurt because you've been waking up to eat a little more often at night. But I don't mind the extra cuddles! You usually nurse about every 2 hours during the day, and then up once or twice at night here these last few days.
- Now that our house renovations are just about complete, we've moved you into the big crib in your own nursery. It is such a sweet room and I'll take some good pictures of it once I'm done organizing and decorating.
- You have also graduated out of being swaddled at night. You started rolling over to sleep on your side and tummy a little bit, so the swaddle had to go. You're back to sleeping mostly on your back now, but you like having your hands free to suck your thumb!
- You do really well sleeping in your crib at night and for your morning nap, but you still like the swing for your afternoon nap. And since it keeps you asleep for three hours, I'm willing to let you keep that habit for a little while!
- You really love being in the water. You are so contented in the bath and just love to relax in the warm tub while sucking your thumb! You have also had a number of opportunities to play in pools and splash parks here recently and you've loved them all!
- Your nicknames these days include the following: Ellie, Ellie-belle, Ellsy the Bellsy, The Nor, Norskie, Beleanor, and Chunky Lunky Monkey :) We're not really sorry - it comes with the territory in this family.
- You are such a giggly baby. Your daddy and sisters love to tickle your chunky legs, or kiss your tummy, or play peekaboo with you, and your belly laughs never disappoint!

Precious one, as much as we were captivated by you on that snowy January morning, our love for you just grows by leaps and bounds each day. Sometimes when I look at you and your sisters together I feel like my heart could just burst. We are all so thankful that you are a part of our family. You're the best!

Eleanor - 1 month

Eleanor - 2 months

Eleanor - 3 months

Eleanor - 4 months

Eleanor - 5 months

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