Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Sunday, August 8, 2010

6 months old today!

Happy half-birthday, Anna Kate! 6 whole months! You know, as fun as it is to watch you grow, I have to admit that I'm a little sad that we've reached this day because it means you're closer to being a big one-year-old than you are to being my tiny (or not so tiny!) newborn baby. In fact, until today I've still been telling people that you are 5 months old when they ask, just because part of me wants you to stay little forever. At the same time though, your daddy and I love watching you grow and develop into the sweet little girl that you are. Here is what you are up to this month:

~ You are crawling! You had just started scooting a little bit last month, but you now have quite a developed army crawl going on. You always stick your little bottom up in the air and drag yourself with your forearms. You have been known to go three or four feet at a time! And you crawled to Mommy for the first time the other day! Before that it had just been to your fun brightly-colored toys
~ You are sitting up all on your own! You can't get to a sitting position yet, but if we put you there, you will be perfectly content to sit for long stretches of time and play with your toys. It still makes Mommy nervous though, especially with our hardwood floors, so we still sit with you or put pillows around you!
~ You're starting to wonder where things go when you can't see them anymore. For example, when you drop your rubber ducky out of your bathtub, you now look over the side to see where it went.
~ You absolutely love your new sippy cup and are getting very good at holding the side handles and tipping it back so you can get a drink. You've tried your first taste of water on hot days going to the park and you're definitely interested!
~ One of your new favorite things to do is the "Chicky Chicky" dance with your daddy (maybe a video to follow?!?)
~ You are still teething and drooling a lot, but so far no teeth yet...still waiting on that one!
~ You have started to incorporate consonant sounds into your babbling (usually a hard "g" sound) and you talk a LOT!
~ You love to give big open-mouthed kisses to anyone who will let you...what a sweet girl!
~ Another one of your favorite things to do is to take Daddy's glasses off his face every time he holds you. You think it's funnier than he does!
~You usually wake up about 15-20 minutes before Mommy and Daddy are ready to get up, so we always go get you and let you snuggle in bed with us. Sometimes we fight over who gets to hold you because we love that special time so much!

Anna Kate, you are such a joy to your mommy and daddy and we hardly remember what life was like without you. You have changed so much over the last six months and we are so excited to see what the next six months will hold. Never forget how much you are loved today and forever.

And here are your pictures!

One month old

Two months old

Three months old

Four months old

Five months old

And I couldn't pick just one for 6 months, so here are a few!


  1. Oh Patty, I love all the things you wrote about Anna Kate. She is so precious. Your letters to her each month will be something she will treasure forever. Wanting her to stay little reminds me of what your Daddy always used to say to you, "Stay little!" I LOVE the pictures of her in her pretty blue dress. It sure brings out the color in her eyes. Be sure to tell her that her Grandma says Happy Half Birthday!!

  2. Patty and Lukey, she is so sweet. I really miss her and can't wait to spend a couple days with you three very soon. Patty, you really write some beautiful things about her. And except for her blue eyes, she's looking more like you everyday. Don't worry Luke, I do see some Daddy in her too. Love you all and see you soon.