Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Luke, Patty, Anna Kate, Caroline, and Eleanor

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A slice of life

I know I missed Friday's Letters this week, but I still have a bunch of little things to share, so here we go!

Anna Kate participated in our children's choir concert at church last weekend! They performed four songs all related to the promise of heaven and the joy of eternity in Christ's presence. Anna Kate loved singing all of the songs up on stage, but she did get a little bored halfway through and decided it would be a good time to pretend to be a frog. Ha!

We had a couple of rainy days last week. So what does a mom with two little girls do when they can't go outside to play? Paint their toenails, of course! This was Caroline's first time getting her nails painted and she thought it was super fun.

Saturday our good friends Will and Caitlin came to visit and brought 5-month-old baby Henry! We hadn't seen Henry since he was 6 weeks old, so it was SO fun to see them! Henry is just precious. Anna Kate loved reading him stories and Caroline couldn't keep her hands off him. She LOVES babies.

Saturday night Caroline ran a low-grade fever for a couple hours, so she and I stayed home from church Sunday morning. After lots of snuggling and Bible and picture book reading, we decided to get dressed (in our patriotic clothes for Memorial Day) and go for a walk.

Remind you of anyone else who wore this same outfit almost two years ago?

On Monday (Memorial Day), Luke worked for the first half of the day, so the girls and I had a normal morning at home. We went on a LONG walk around the neighborhood (as in, well over an hour). Anna Kate wanted to push her baby in her doll stroller all the way to the lake while Caroline rode in her stroller, and then she and Caroline switched on the way back. Now, when Caroline goes for a walk, we stop and look and everything - and I mean everything. Every squirrel, every flower, every kitty cat, every pinecone. But we had nowhere else to be, and it was such a good reminder to me to slow down and enjoy the beauty of God's creation through the eyes of a child.

And, last but not least, I just have to share one more picture that Luke texted me while I was making dinner. He had a couple things he needed to grab at the grocery store, and offered to take not one, but BOTH girls with him. He knows that sometimes a little peace while I make dinner blesses my soul. I turned on some worship music and I don't think I've ever enjoyed making sweet potato pancakes and bacon as much as I did this evening!

Grocery shopping was never this fun when I was a kid!

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